Puff Straw

Choux pastry products belong to one of the best titbits in our offer. They are our greatest pride. Their unique taste is popular among the entire generations of our consumers.

The secret to the unique taste of each puff pastry cookie is the invariably the same old recipe as well as the use of high quality ingredients from trusted suppliers for their production.

Among our flagship puff pastry products are the Puff Straw, Puff Straw Max as well as Puff Croutons . The Puff Straw with sugar is the perfect snack for every occasion, and its taste resembles sweet puff pastry sticks. Puff Croutons, on the other hand, form an interesting addition to thick soups which give them a delicate, and, at the same time, deep flavour.

We make every effort to maintain highest quality standards. You can trust our brand as one of the leading brands on the market.