The basis of ZPC BOX‘s activity is the production of highest quality puff pastry cookies which, owing to the traditional recipe and the most cutting-edge technology currently available on the market, have become a major success both in Poland and in the world.

ZPC BOX’s activity began in 1991 with pouring chocolate over shortcrust cookies. As the years passed by, the company started producing shortcrust cookies, gingerbread cookies as well as ladyfingers, and, as a result, the assortment kept constantly growing. In 2002, the production of the following Choux Pastry cookies began:  Puff Straw and Puff Croutons.

The interest in those products exceeded our wildest expectations. It enabled the development of our company, the crowning achievement of which is a hall with the most state-of-the-art, fully automated production line given over for use in 2012, as well as the obtainment of the highest level quality management certificate, namely IFS Higher Level.




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